Infographic: How Rehabilitation Services Help You Embrace Aging


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Infinity Rehab submitted this infographic to us!

The design starts with a classic “anatomy of” approach, showing what parts of the body each possible effect of aging impacts as well as some key stats about the common ailments. From there, the design has the right idea by including illustrations and icons, but the images are a bit bogged down by too much accompanying text. For example, the first point under “Healthy Aging Tips” is a pretty long sentence. Focus on telling your story as succinctly as possible, using images to carry the weight of the story.

The final section is a good example of text-to-imagery ratio. Icons and illustrations can be accompanied by brief descriptions, but ideally it’s obvious what the icon is showing without even needing the text.

In all I’d give this infographic a B; it’s got the right kind of organization, a unified color palette, a consistent illustration style, and a narrative. It could just use a bit less text to make the message more effective.

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