Infographic: How New Modern Homes Can Support America’s Energy Independence


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This infographic was submitted to us by H. Hudson Homes.

This design does a great job of visualizing data where possible and keeping text short where it’s needed. It gives a really thorough analysis of where American households are wasting money in their homes and what we could do to reduce that waste — namely, how modern homes can be far more energy efficient.

The header for the infographic is bold, colorful, and engaging. However, the body of the infographic switches to pure white with yellow and proceeds to alternate between these two somewhat divergent palettes. The infographic might best be suited to a happy medium of the two — maybe a textured gray with blacks and greens? It’s a bit of a strain on the eye to switch from soft colors to a dark/neon blend and they don’t seem to relate to one another very well. While it’s definitely fine to experiment with different treatments in different sections, each piece should be able to stand next to the other and still look like it’s part of a whole.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+. Great job with data and relevancy, as well as crafting the information into a storyline, but the dueling aesthetics are a little distracting throughout.

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