Infographic: How Much Would It Cost to Insure Animals from the Movies?


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helpucover submitted this infographic to us!

It’s a fun look at how much it might cost to insure fictional animals. We see lots of familiar faces, fins, and even footwear! While the illustrations really help the viewer recall the animals in question, I’d love to see some type of data visualization incorporated to help make the text more fun. Right now we have fun illustrations and a lot of numerals, but it could be fun to see proportional stacks of money that represent the cost of each animal. I also think “Animal” and “Breed” could have been consolidated (e.g. “Black Mouth Cur Dog” or “Dog: Black Mouth Cur”), which seems like a small thing but would open up some more room in each section.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B; it’s really nice and well organized, but a bit of consolidation and data visualization would reduce the reliance on text.

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