Infographic: How Much Would Breaking Bad’s Caravan Cost to Insure?


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This infographic was submitted to us by Coast Insurance, who also provided a brief description (and don’t worry, this is only a spoiler if you haven’t seen even the first season):

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, have you ever wondered how much it would cost to insure your own mobile meth lab? Well here at Coast Insurance although we don’t condone or endorse that type of activity, we went to the lengths of quoting an insurance premium for the mobile meth lab used in Breaking Bad!

As a Breaking Bad fan myself, I got pretty curious about some of the coverage rates here. #5 is “Glass Bottles”, yet the equipment was actually specific chemistry beakers that I imagine would be much more expensive and in need of higher rates of coverage than your typical glass bottle. Additionally, the ending falls a little flat since the caravan is not just transport, but a lab. Not quite sure how a bike meth lab would work out!

As for the design, the mix of photos and illustration is a bit distracting, and I’d love to see some different font choices. The main text font is a little jovial, and the font used for labels is a bit plain; they don’t seem to play off of each other very well. There are also a few typos (in just the “Contents Cover” text, “equipment wise” should be “equipment-wise” and “incase” should be “in case”).

Additionally, there’s no visualized data here — bar charts or pie graphs could be employed to really show, for example, how much the air filter coverage costs compared to the rubber gloves coverage.

In all I’d give this a C, as we still need the text/numerals to tell the story and the copy and fonts could use a bit of sprucing.

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