Infographic: How Much Is Enough? The Breaking Bad Storage Unit

If you aren’t currently watching Season 5 of Breaking Bad, you may want to hold off on viewing this IG until you’re all caught up!

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This infographic was submitted to us by SpareFoot.

Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you! Breaking Bad fans who are up to speed will really enjoy this thorough look at the secret storage unit, but those who didn’t know about it yet might know more than they wanted to!

There’s a lot of great insight and some intense footage review and calculations done here. I’m sure this infographic would get different reception if it were on a fan site!

I really like the use of photos here and I think it’s a completely appropriate subject for which to use them… for example, when pointing out the “other” stuff in the unit, like the lemon Raid. If we were presented with an illustration, we’d be less convinced that those items are really in the unit!

However, the blend of photos and illustration is a little awkward. Some of the illustrations are great (the opener with Walt is nicely detailed) but the one of Walt and Skyler inside the storage unit is a completely different style. This shift unfortunately detracts from the overall look of the piece.

In all I love the content and intent behind the infographic, and have already scoured it a few times, but would like to see it stick to all-or-nothing on the photos vs. illustration side. I’d rate it a B overall!

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