Infographic: How Long Do You Spend in the Bathroom?


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BathroomDeal sent us this infographic on average bathroom usage, which focuses on gender differences but also presents some all-up stats on what we really do in the bathroom.

It’s got some great information with accompanying illustrations. One way to make the illustrations work harder would be to have separate images of men and women doing each of the tasks (man and woman in the shower, man and woman wearing towels, etc.) because it would more closely represent the story that’s being told with the data, rather than just the subject matter. Data visualization, like bar charts to compare men vs. women, would also help to complement that story.

I do like the section headers that help describe what each section will be about; that prepares viewers and gives clear organization to the design.

In all I’d give this infographic a C, because I’d like to see the information visualized a little more directly to reduce the reliance on text.

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