“Infographic”: How Logistics Helped Gain America’s Freedom


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This “infographic” was submitted to us by the folks at Derby Supply Chain Solutions. Here is what they had to say about their infographic:

Created for the 4th of July, this infographic includes a description of logistical challenges in the Revolutionary War, and the role logistics played in America defeating Britain. Info includes challenges soldiers faced, supplies needed, and other interesting snippets. Derby Supply Chain Solutions is a value-added 3PL provider, supplying global businesses with a multitude of services including assembly, packaging, warehousing, and distribution.

I really like the design of this one. It is well illustrated, the color palette is simple and goes with the theme, and the typography is elegant. That said, as an infographic I have to give this one a D+. There is so much text and absolutely no data visualization, even though it includes some statistics! Despite how great the design is, it is very intimidating due to all of the text – reading the entire “infographic” could prove to be very daunting for the user. This is unfortunate, because there is so much interesting information contained here – not every American knows this much about the Revolutionary War. My main suggestion would be to go through and find ways to visualize all of the data – any percentage can be represented with a pie chart. Quantitative data like that in the “By the Numbers” section can always be visualized with icons similar to the way the “pints of spruce beer” section is visualized, but with a key to show that one pint icon is the equivalent of a certain number.

The designer did very well overall and clearly knows how to tell a story, but visualizing the statistics and paring down the text considerably will really make this into an infographic and bring it to the next level.

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