Infographic: How Likely Are You to Get Burgled?


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This interactive infographic was submitted to us by SimpliSafe — click their name above to interact with the infographic and see crime rates in your state.

This is a really interesting look at how crime rates in your state compare to the national average. Simply select your state and see a visual comparison of the likelihood of burglary in your state against the average U.S. likelihood of burglary, as well has whether burglaries in your state have increased or decreased since 2000. Each page also shows the value of what’s been stolen in the last 24 hours in the United States.

The design itself is pretty simplistic, though the black and white color scheme makes sense with the classic robber sketch at the top. A few more visuals and perhaps a textured background could help spruce it up.

I like the sketch icons of what gets stolen every 24 hours, but I’d like to see data visualization used there as well. “2681 Electronics” is right next to “10 Pets” but the only way you can tell that there’s a difference in quantity is by reading the numerals, since each is only represented by one icon.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It’s useful and intriguing but could use a bit more data visualization and visual interest.

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