Infographic: How Hot is Fast Casual Dining?


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This infographic was submitted to us from Fast, and this is what they had to say about it on their website:

“Since the economic downturn, the fast casual segment has led the restaurant industry in both sales and unit growth. And it continues to outperform on both fronts. Operators within the segment are innovative, entrepreneurial and unabashed in their passion and zeal for the segment, and to the brands contributing to it.

If you’re still not quite sure what fast casual is, look no further than our fast casual infographic. It defines our four key metrics in determining what makes a fast casual restaurant and breaks down why the segment is so hot. So, is the hype living up to fast casual or is fast casual living up to the hype? My bet is the latter.”

This infographic covers a topic that most of us are familiar with: fast casual dining. It has some really interesting facts, such as how 6 fast casual dining chains were included on Parents Magazine’s list of “10 Best Family Restaurants 2011.” It is also interesting to see that fast casual dining restaurants are the only segment that showed unit growth in 2010, while the segments of full-service and limited-service restaurants lost units.

As far as data visualization goes, this infographic really only includes one true data viz chart. However, the statistics included are all relevant and nicely organized. The information is interesting and easy to understand, but the infographic as a whole is a bit text-heavy and I would like to see some more visualization of facts and statistics.

Overall, I would give this infographic a B. It has a good design and interesting information, but could use some more graphics/data-visualization. With a couple minor additions, this infographic would deserve an A.

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