Infographic: How Higher Learning Affects the Environment


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This infographic was submitted to us by the good people at My Colleges and Here is what they had to say upon submitting their infographic to us:

The infographic illustrates the affect that higher learning has on the environment. It shows the affect it has negatively but also illustrates the potential it could have if more people saved paper and gas by enrolling in an online class or college.

The nice thing about this infographic is that it is concise and has actual visualizations for most of its data. The overall design however is pretty plain (rather than merely simple). It’s a bit boring right now. I would like to see a more cohesive color scheme across the infographic: right now, the two sections seem disjointed from one another. Also, since the infographic is so short there is really no reason not to visualize all of the data, so the large barrel in the second section should not rely on typography too much.

Even still, this is infographic is pretty decent because it does everything an infographic needs to do: it presents data in a concise, consumable way. It just needs a serious design revamp – putting in a couple of hours into the design could really take this infographic to the next level.

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