Infographic: How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

Internet Connection Speed Infographic

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Remember upgrading your 14.4 modem to a 56k one? Or when you first surfed the web on broadband? This infographic, brought to you by OnlineBackupsReview, provides a comparison of popular Internet connection speeds, and more traditional means you could use to move the data. All in all, it provides some fun facts and simple comparisons to make it very easy to understand the difference between connection speeds. For instance, with today’s connection speeds, you could easily transfer 2GB of data, which equals approximately 650 photos, in about 14 minutes. In the past, this kind of transfer could have taken days. They show the different times it would have taken in the following ways:

  • Using a Modem: it would take 4 days, or the amount of time it takes to bike from Chicago to New York
  • Using a DSL: it would take around 6 hours, or the time it takes to fly from New York to London
  • Using a Cable Modem: it would take about 2.5 hours, or the amount of time it takes to drive from New York to Philadelphia
  • Using Fiber: it would take about 14 minutes, or the time it takes to walk 14 blocks in Manhattan

After rolling through some real life examples to show just how far we’ve come, the infographic goes on to show how much space certain documents take up, so that you can understand just how long it would take to transfer a simple word document via dial up modem. It then shows a few more world examples about how long it would take to transfer anywhere from 1KB to 100GB.

This is a fun infographic that shows just how amazing Fiber Optics can be when it comes to speed online. It also makes one who can’t get Fiber Optics want to opt for Cable over DSL any day. The overall design of the infographic could use some work, as there is a lot of information in a small amount of space, but it gets the point across and is a good topic for a company like

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