Infographic: How Far Will Your Real Estate Dollar Go?


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This infographic was submitted to us by the folks at Middleton & Associates and covers different real estate prices in San Diego. Here is what they had to say about their infographic:

The infographic illustrates where to get the most value per square foot, what the average cost for a single family home is and what the top home values are for each of the top cities, all while comparing it to the national average values. Take a glimpse into La Jolla, Coronado, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and Point Loma real estate costs. With an average listing price of $1,375,000, Coronado is the leader of the group. Point Loma’s average listing price stands at $379,000, becoming double the amount of the United States’ national average listing price. With Coronado’s listing prices at such a higher rate than the rest of the country, one would be able to purchase 7 houses anywhere in the United States for the same cost as one house in Coronado.

I gave this infographic a B. The data visualization is good – I know exactly what I’m looking at with each of the graphs and they are interesting. Overall though, the design is just okay. The house icons make the one graph a bit interesting, and perhaps if they were incorporated throughout the infographic it would help. The color scheme is nice, but I am not sure about the ribbon as the heading – it doesn’t seem to work with the subject infographic (I have seen headings like this on several different wedding infographics, so it’s a bit strange to see it here). It would also be good to add specific prices to the “square foot price” section just to make things a bit clearer.

With these tiny tweaks, this designer could really build on the strong color scheme and flow in order to make this infographic even better.


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