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This offers a simple representation of how to visualize survey results. There’s not much text, so it’s quick to get through, and the results are clearly displayed.

What this infographic is missing is unique visual appeal. Between a white background, familiar fonts, and basic data viz, there’s not a lot that is particularly eye-catching about it. Except for the car pictures, everything is very flat. It would benefit from some dimension and some individuality. Go out of the box with the visualizations, and try something new!

Also, be sure to include info that works for your message — but you may want to downplay what doesn’t. For example, the stat that 23% of Honda owners feel more attractive in their cars… for me, is largely overshadowed by the inclusion of the comparatively huge “Has No Effect” bar. By just omitting that bar, you’re not misrepresenting anything, because you aren’t changing any of the numbers. What you are doing, though, is making the difference between the positive stat and the negative stat look more significant by eliminating the neutral stat. Overwhelmingly, Honda owners don’t think their car impacts their attractiveness, but that’s not the story the infographic really wants to tell!

Same goes for the words used to describe the Honda. I’d likely just include the #1 word, “Reliable,” because it’s such an overwhelming victory. As a standalone stat, “65% of surveyed Honda owners would describe their car as ‘reliable'” sounds more appealing than when you notice that apparently less than 5% think their car is smartly designed. Ouch!

In all, I’d give this infographic a C. It paints a picture of Honda owners, but it’s not very selective in what information it includes, and it doesn’t really draw the reader in visually.


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