Infographic: Home Truths — Electrical Safety Matters for Landlords and Tenants


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This infographic was submitted to us by the Electrical Safety Council, who also provided this brief description:

Electrical safety matters for landlords and tenants.

UK landlords are putting millions of private tenants in danger and exposing themselves to financial risks – by not fulfilling their electrical safety obligations.

Do you know who has responsibility for electrical safety in rented homes? Here are the worrying statistics.

This graphic uses eye-catching imagery and colors to draw in the viewer. Numbers are big and bold so that the statistics are easy to spot, and the overall length is pretty short so it’s a quick experience to go through and get all of the relevant info.

I do like the technique of making all numbers large, bold, and pink! However, I’d love to see them portrayed with charts, graphs, or pictograms as well, to cut down on the amount of reading the viewer has to do/provide them easier visual access to the data.

It’s also a bit visually jarring to go from photography in the header to illustration — and then again to see the ancient “wanted” poster in the midst of a modern background of illustrated circuits. These spots make it difficult to determine what the unifying aesthetic of the infographic is. We typically recommend against mixing illustration and photography (as this infographic does in a few places) because it can distract or confuse the viewer and often doesn’t “mesh” well.

In all I’d give this infographic a C. Good info and not too much text (except in the final section, which is text-only), but the design could use a bit of unification so that it aids the message rather than detracting from it. Additionally, data visualization will cut out a bit of the work that the text currently has to do.

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