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This infographic regarding the steps along the way to home ownership comes to us from the people at Clickscape.

I really like how this infographic is designed to look like a board game similar to Monopoly. The idea of having different squares along a game track works really well for the topic.

The big problem with this is that it is almost entirely text-based and there is very little data visualization, so I have to give it a D. The few graphics along the way do a nice job of representing the general stages in the home ownership process. For example, the guy in a suit at the beginning shows that getting an agent is one of the first steps, and the magnifying glass over a house towards the end does a nice job of representing that a home inspection is one of the later stages. However, all the steps along the way are just blocks of text with no graphics to visually represent them. Having specific pictures that pertain to the individual steps on the game board could do so much to improve this because the concept behind the design is really cool.

The idea of having a beginning and an end to this game board works nicely to demonstrate the process of acquiring a home, and with some changes and additions I think this could be a really great infographic. As it is, there is simply little to no data visualization to assist in telling the story that this infographic is trying to tell. Reduce the reliance on text and add images to represent each individual step along the way for an improved infographic. Overall the concept and design of this infographic is good and I would like to see it carried out to its full potential.

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