Infographic: Home Improvements With High Returns


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Abbey Windows sent us this infographic about the home improvements you can make to increase the value and/or energy efficiency of your home. It features a consistent color scheme and typography is the main method of conveying numbers. The callouts on each illustration are helpful though, so that the first things you see are “63% [roof]” “70% [window]” etc., removing much of the need for the supplemental text. I would love to see bar graphs or something of the sort for the “Average Price” “Average Return” pieces to remove the need to read those parts, as well.

A few different illustration styles (flat in some spots, more 3-dimensional in others) make navigating the infographic a little jarring, since you come to expect one level of detail and suddenly see things presented in a different way midway down the infographic. For example, “Hinged doors” features a much more realistic style than the flat style seen in much of the rest of that section (and the whole first section).

In all I’d give this infographic a C+. Although its illustration styles vary, its use of typography for data is effective and the illustrations and icons help reduce reliance on reading the text — if you skim, you still see the main points clearly.

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