Infographic: Holiday Shopping Survival Guide


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This infographic was submitted to us by the good people at Push Science. It’s a holiday shopping survival guide done in the style of the many zombie survival guides out there.

The idea behind this infographic is unique, creative, and appropriate. Even though a large chunk of holiday shopping can now be done online, it is no joke that many last-minute holiday shoppers flood the mall in hordes. This infographic provides strategies for getting through the gauntlet and getting your shopping done.

I really like the illustrations for this infographic. They do a surprisingly good job of combing the zombie and holiday themes in a nice way. I appreciate that the zombie images are comical and scary without being gross as well.

Unlike a lot of “guide” or list-type infographics, this infographic does a fantastic job of following the data-viz rule: where there is data, it is visualized appropriately and simply. There may be quite a bit of copy, but it is not used to replace data visualization and it is critical to driving the infographic’s story.

Overall, this is a fantastic infographic that will hopefully get a lot of love this holiday season. Be sure to visit the link to this infographic. When you hover over the elements, there are some fun animations that really add to it. All things considered, I’m giving this infographic an A-.

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