Infographic: History of the PGA Tournament


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This infographic was submitted by Direct Golf.

I like the texture of this infographic–it feels like a vintage pair of jeans, or maybe golf pants! The background color is nice and reminiscent of a sunny day on the golf course. If only all golf games could take place in the sunshine, right? I love that all of the information is hovering in an enormous sky over a golf course. The golf ball and tee emblem at the top seems to be floating through the air, as though someone might just tee off in mid-air. The information is well divided and organized, so it’s easy to follow.

There are many spelling and grammar errors in this infographic. For example, the first 1916 history fact is a huge run-on sentence. Also “diamond-studded gold metal” should be “gold medal.” (The history section is, in fact, only 2 pieces of information from 1916. I think that could be fleshed out a little more. There’s got to be more history to golf than just 1916 and present day.)

I don’t really understand the “Most Appearances” section–did Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer both have 37 appearances? And why are there arrows from this section down to score cards where neither name appears?

Most problematic is that the only real example of data visualization here is the candles representing each player’s age. Everything else is done in written numbers–things that are attempts at data viz, but are really just design elements. Score cards, numbers written on golf balls, $100 bills, and the like all represent and match what’s being talked about without putting the actual data into a chart, graph, or other tool. Data viz is essential for all infographics, and for this reason and those listed above, I have to give this infographic a D.

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