Infographic: History of the Home Theater


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This infographic comes to us from the people at Screen Paint HD.

I like the simple artwork down the left side of this infographic showing the progression of the home theater. There are some nice details like the 8mm projector in a coffin and Star Wars playing on the TV screen to represent the time period when VHS and VCRs took over in homes.

Overall I give this infographic a C because it could do a better job of connecting the text with the graphics. As it is the right side is devoted to text, which holds all the real information here, and the left side is full of artwork which doesn’t always represent the data or tell the whole story without help from text. For example the whole top section of artwork doesn’t really tell us anything, there is a vaguely 60s looking man holding a lime that represents the “limelight” being invented, but the problem is that the man doesn’t match the time period of that invention.

I think the bottom half of the artwork does a better job of displaying information about the progression of the home theater. Like I mentioned before the Star Wars connection with VHS is a nice touch, and further down the projector screen with tall speakers and 3D glasses on the floor does a nice job of showing where home theater technology stands today.

The overall problem with this infographic is that the text on one half doesn’t match with the artwork on the other half. Readers have to read everything to get all the statistics, and although there is a timeline drawn out, the dates only roughly match up with anything in the artwork. I would also suggest changing the font used for the dates because it is very hard to read unless it is really blown up.

There are some nice touches in this infographic that I like, but it simply needs to have more of a connection between the dates and text with all the information and the artwork.


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