Infographic: History of Roller Coasters


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This infographic about the history of roller coasters comes to us from the people at Area Vibes.

I like how this infographic uses rollercoasters as a timeline with carts as points in history. There is also a lot of very interesting information on this that I enjoyed reading.

I give this a D+ overall. The problem is that all of the information is presented in text and the roller coaster timeline graphic only gives a general idea of the progression of the roller coaster throughout history. There needs to be better data visualization to make this a good infographic. I would suggest modifying how the roller coaster tracks look at different points along the timeline to represent actual points in history. For example the beginning of the track could be covered in icicles or something to represent the first ice slides in Russia. There are some small pictures next to captions that show what the events in roller coaster history are, and this is a good touch, but overall most of the information can only be found out by reading.

Like I already mentioned, I really like the idea of using a roller coaster as a timeline, but as it is readers just have to scroll down through a big meaningless winding roller coaster as they read big chunks of information. If this were shrunk down and improved to represent the data more visually it could be a much better infographic. The information is definitely there it just needs to be presented in a more interesting and visually appealing way, otherwise I would rather just read it in one paragraph.

This infographic definitely has some of the right ideas, but I can’t give it a higher grade until there is more data visualization going on and less reading. If the timeline were simplified and made more unique along different stretches of track it would raise the overall quality significantly.


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