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This infographic comes to us from Verify A Plumber. Here’s a bit of what they had to tell us about their piece:

While the availability and quality of water is one factor, the infographic shows that having effective tools has always been just as essential, and 13th Century washing bats allowed people to effectively beat dirt out of clothing by placing garments on top of rocks. Washboards became more and more commonplace during the 1700s, and the 19th Century saw a number of towns and cities develop networks of pipes to transport water efficiently to homes and businesses.

Connecting each of the pieces on the timeline with pipe imagery is a clever way to tie the design back to the topic of the piece. The flow is clean and my eye knows exactly where to go.

This image works well for the headline as well, though keeping the copy and image separate feels like a missed opportunity. It would be more effective if the headline were actually spelled out with the pipes.

Focusing only on the timeline is a good way to keep the topic simple short and to the point, but including stats that can be visualized would really add a layer of interest to the piece.

The simplicity of this design works, however there is a serious lack of whitespace here. A little breathing room will keep the points on the timeline from competing with each other.

Overall, I’d give this infographic a C+. I’d love to see the imagery incorporated into the headline more, and a bit more whitespace throughout.

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