Infographic: Hazardous Facts About Your Mobile Phone


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There are some interesting facts here about how little we actually recycle mobile phones and the impact of phone materials on our health and environment. The infographic is pretty clear and concise, so it doesn’t take long to get through.

Because this infographic begins with a poorly proofed subheading, I lost a bit of interest right off the bat. Proofing your work is very important if you want your audience to take you seriously. The problem comes up again in the first stat: “Great Britains” should be “Great Britain’s.”

In the subsequent stat (40%/20%), color coding could have been used to clarify the data viz. The color of the numbers themselves is the same as the portion of people to which the stats don’t apply. Color coding could simplify this so that the gray lines connected the numbers to the pictograms wouldn’t even be needed.

This infographic also doesn’t cite any sources. Especially when making claims about health, sources are critical on an infographic. Plus, it’d be fun to know where the stat about cadmium battery pollution came from. It adds credibility to your message to include citations so that viewers can fact-check and be assured that reputable sources were used.

In all I’d give this infographic a C, since proofing and sources are vital to a good infographic.

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