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This infographic was submitted to us by Unfortunately, we were unable to post it by Halloween! They provided this description:

“Our infographic presents a lot of useful and funny information about Halloween. To be more specific, the infographic includes some not widely-known facts from the history of Halloween. What is even more interesting, it provides information about monsters and beasts from various cultures and mythologies, some famous superstitions and the explanation of them (you know that black cat is a bad sign, but why? You will know it after studying this infographic!).”

I like the spooky design of this IG, and it does contain some interesting facts. The candles representing Halloween spending are a really clever way to transform what would be a boring bar graph into something that fits the theme. It was also interesting to learn about all the mythical monsters from the legends of different countries.

The candle bar graph is my favorite part of the infographic, and it’s also one of only two examples of data viz in the whole infographic. This is very text-heavy, and an infographic should always rely on the visualization of data for the bulk of its information.

There were also a lot of misspellings and plenty of bad grammar. This makes it look like the infographic was thrown together haphazardly. The “History and Origin” section is an unfortunate beginning to the graphic, because it looks especially poorly designed.

This graphic would benefit from much more attention to detail, both visually and grammatically. It also needs much more visualization to correct the proportions. There are many statistics that are only represented via text right now. As is, I’d have to give this infographic a D.

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