Infographic: Halloween Alter Egos


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This infographic about Halloween alter egos comes to us from the folks at

I like how this is broken up into costumes for male and female and into different age groups for each. The overall presentation is nice, I like the graveyard background and the cartoony drawings of people wearing different traditional halloween costumes.

The problem with this infographic is that there isn’t much actual data and statistics, and the ones that are there are given purely in text, for this reason I give it a C-. This could easily be improved if the different costumes were described more visually and had some extra statistics and information. For example, a graph or chart of some kind comparing the popularity of different costumes could be added, or the individual costumes could be broken down into their individual components in some kind of creative way.

There are some interesting facts that I like on this infographic, such as one in five people believes in witchcraft or more than 40 percent of Americans dress up for Halloween. These facts are hidden in the text however and if they were separated out visually it would add a lot of interest to the infographic as a whole. Some additions such as a pie chart showing how many Americans dress up or a picture of five people with one who clearly looks scared of the witch costume would really help the data visualization in this.

Overall this infographic looks nice and shows a few of the traditional and popular Halloween costumes, but it definitely needs some work when it comes to data visualization. It definitely has the potential to be a lot more interesting with more facts and visual representations of the data that is there. A few additions and changes would make this a lot more useful to viewers.

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