Infographic: Hallowe’en

Halloween 2012 Infographic

Courtesy of: CouponCodes4U

This infographic was submitted to us by CouponCodes4U.

I love the spooky clouds/haze used throughout and the dramatic Halloween pumpkin oranges, candlelight yellows, and blood reds. The subheading font is also great with the theme, though the main font used for the majority of the text is rather plain.

In the spirit of these thematic elements, I wish the data viz would incorporate it a little more. Maybe the person icons could be carrying bags of candy or have witch hats or vampire capes? And maybe the fake blood stat could be a bar graph in a syringe? Might as well take the theme to the extreme!

(As a side note, it’s pretty funny to see Barack Obama sandwiched between Nicki Minaj and Angry Birds for top costume choices. Bet he never thought he’d find himself ranking in between those two!)

I’m curious about the graph overlay through the infographic. Not that I don’t think it works, but it’s an interesting choice for the topic, too.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It serves its purpose and delivers the information in a concise manner, and it’s also pretty well proofread (with a few exceptions, like “Halloween” or “Hallowe’en” and the sentence casing of National Retail Federation). A little more creative data viz and some more fun with the main font could jazz this up into a great Halloween graphic!

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