Infographic: Growth of Drupal Modules


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This infographic was submitted to us by Duo Consulting.

This is really basic and doesn’t cover much ground, so it’s hard to review as it is. An infographic is intended to tell a story, and this one is really too short to do that. What do we know after reading this? We know that drupal modules have increased quite a bit (and rapidly) in the last 4 years, and we know roughly how many were created in each category each year. But do we have an explanation of drupal modules? Do we have statistics on how they improve organization, performance, or anything of the sort?

This is more of a snapshot–one section of what should be a larger infographic. It isn’t complete and it’s pretty basic. As it is I’d give it a C-, because at least it’s focused on data viz. It needs a design and font boost, waaay more data, and a story to tell. When there is a more comprehensive view of the topic, this could be a useful infographic for interested parties.

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