Infographic: Google Plus: Killer Facts and Statistics


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This is infographic comes courtesy of IdentyMe. The way this infographic is laid out is great. It’s simple, to the point, and almost entirely visual. Very little text dependency and great data visualization. A clean color scheme makes it even more visually appealing. While the visualization is great, it’s not complete, and there are some components that are a bit too text heavy to make it an A.

The Google Plus insanity is a great topic for an infographic. The gender breakdown is great, and I like how throughout the infographic the population percentages were also represented with proportionately sized visuals, such as the bubbles in the gender visual and the population by country. It helps to show the US dominance in Google Plus users without relying on text to convey the facts.

The cost to create and maintain Google Plus would likely be better show with some sort of visual graph, chart, etc. The piggy bank is great, but the numbers underneath require a bit too much reading for a successful portrayal. Using a graph or chart to show the amount invested in each company/acquisition/employee would drive the cost home a bit more than it currently does.

That being said, this infographic does a great job with visualizing data and keeping on topic. Most of the data and presentation is well thought out, easy to understand and comprehend. The color scheme is consistent and non-abrasive. It could use some work on the cost of Google Plus section, but apart from that this infographic is a job well done. I’d give it a A-.

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