Infographic: Google Penalty Identification and Removal Tips


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This infographic was submitted to us by Pinpoint Designs.

This is an informative guide for anyone looking to keep their SEO strategy Google-safe. The Panda and Penguin timelines really help illustrate how many changes have been implemented over the years (and why it’s important to keep up!), and the notes and tips could definitely help improve anyone’s SEO methods.

At it’s root, though, this is more of a designed report or web page than an infographic. No information is visualized with icons, graphs, charts, pictograms, or illustrations. There are a few photographs that convey the overall message (Panda vs. Penguin) but don’t actually speak to the specific information contained in the graphic. Infographics should use visual cues to tell their story, but this one still relies on text throughout. It’s an aesthetically pleasing design, but not quite an infographic.

There’s also a pretty prominent typo at the end: “discus” instead of “discuss.”

As such it’s a bit hard to give this a rating — I’d say A for information but D as an infographic, since it uses only text to convey the information.

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