Infographic: Google Casts a Wide Net


Google Casts a Wide Net

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The color and illustration here is fantastic. It makes for a truly entertaining adventure, navigating all the different facts and figures about Google’s enormous reach and spending habits while being entertained with cute visuals. The illustrations interact perfectly with the accompanying facts so it’s fun to see how the designer chose to portray everything.

I learned a lot about what Google has been doing with all that money, and the bright color palette and interesting illustrations pulled me through the graphic. What’s missing here, though, is visual representation of the numbers. We have illustrations that match the topic of each fact, but we don’t have visualization of the data itself.

For example, Google spent $30 million towards getting a robot on the moon. That’s impressive, but not so much when compared to the $350 million it’s spent on wind farms. If you think about it for a second and do the math, you’ll realize that’s over 10x more than its lunar spending… but it would be excellent if some data viz could show you that instead! Maybe an icon per $10 million, or a bar chart to show the amount of each expense compared to one another.

In all, I love the aesthetic and vision of this graphic, but until it visualizes the numbers, it isn’t really an infographic. Because of that I’d have to rate it a D as an infographic… but I really did enjoy reading it through and would give it a B+ for visual interest.

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