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This infographic is brought to us by the shiny happy people at Cats4Gold.

What do you get when you combine gold and cats? Either a soft pretty blonde cat, or a cat-shaped hunk of metal, or a cool infographic. Because, “let’s face it–gold is just an over-hyped yellow metal.” The kitties leaping and running and napping around this infographic are pretty darn cuddly looking, and the information provided here is pretty darn interesting. Did you know cats are one of the oldest mammals on Earth? Or that a seven year old cat has been awake for just two years of its life? And who can resist all the cute kitteh-speak?

Looking past the cuddly kitties and the factoids, though, this “infographic” could use a lot more data visualization. There are lots of visuals, but they aren’t representing much in the way of data. Sure, it would fill up the entire infographic to display 420,000 kittens, but there are other ways to do it than just writing out the number. Maybe 42 kittehs multiplied by 10,000? I’m also fond of the hand poking the gold bar, but again, it’s more a representation of a textual joke than it is showing information: the facts about hearing or smell would have been more relevant.

The 30 mph fact is portrayed nicely, if obviously, but it’s so small you almost wouldn’t know the speedometer reads accurately. The sleeping graph, in addition to being a little freakishly adorable, is also one of the best examples of data visualization in this IG.

I’m also not sure about the color scheme here: what are the peach and blue doing for the IG? I like the matching gold and cat at the top, though. The editing is pretty good here, but one thing is throwing me off: the top two subheadings. I want “Why do people prefer cats to gold?” to talk to its corresponding subheading, but instead the response is, “But cats–WOW!” I like it, it’s funny, but it doesn’t read correctly. Maybe “Why do people prefer cats to gold?” and below that two subheadings: “Gold?” and “Cats!” or something of that nature.

All in all very cute, polished, and informative, but this IG needs data visualization to make it shine.

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