Infographic: Global Mobile Phone Statistics 2011


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There are plenty of interesting statistics throughout. It’s interesting to see just how prevalent mobile is in our daily lives — and how huge mobile advertising will be by 2015!

That said, the design of this infographic is a bit jumbled. I like the mix of typography, though one of the fonts is Arial (a bit boring for design) and the fonts don’t always seem to complement each other. The “Internet accessible” and “South Korea and Japan” sections don’t seem to mesh with each other or with the rest of the design.

Additionally, there are some proofing problems (missing apostrophes and hyphens, doubled-up labels) that stand out and make the infographic seem less polished.

At the bottom of the infographic, the “Recycling of mobile devices” section appears quite heavy when compared to the previous sections. That’s mostly because of the sudden increase in text. Though there are a couple of icons, the section is mostly dominated by text, telling the story instead of illustrating it. This makes it a little difficult to get through after the relatively text-light sections preceding it.

If this infographic had a solid introduction and conclusion as well, it would be easier for the viewer to pull away an overall message.

In all I’d give this design a C — a bit more cohesion in design and greater attention to detail, intro, and conclusion would spruce this up.

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