Infographic: Global Hotel Price Changes–H1 2010 vs H1 2011


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It has a pretty impressive design aesthetic for the main point of data viz. It’s easy to see what destinations are extremely expensive to travel to, as well as those that raised and lowered their prices over the past year. The additional landmarks adorning the outer ring of the graph add additional visual interest to the data.

The summary at the bottom helps to clarify the main points and explain some of the reasoning behind why prices in certain destinations would rise or fall. However, compared to the main display, it’s visually uninteresting. Since the focus of the infographic is just one piece of data viz, and there is no other data to accompany it, it seems a little light on context at the moment. It’s certainly conveying a lot of information effectively, but it’s really only one TYPE of information. A little history or a few other statistics about the hotel industry would make this feel a little more well-rounded.

The shade of blue chosen for the background, when contrasted with the rest of the colors looks slightly strange, too. Maybe a bit of reconsideration on the color scheme would help improve the readability of the IG.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B. The data viz that is here is really fun to look at and well-executed, but it just feels incomplete. An infographic is supposed to tell a story, but I feel like we’re getting the bottom line without any context. I’m glad that at least the summary is included to help viewers interpret the data… but more, please!

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