Infographic: Getting a Move On: Memorial Day Weekend Moving Trends


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This was submitted to us by SpareFoot, and published by Penske Truck Rental.

This infographic does a great job of using branded colors, keeping design clean and packing in a lot of information. There are a few good examples of data viz here, but for how many numbers there are, I’d really like to see some more.

The first number, representing number of miles driven on Memorial Day weekend, is designed in a cute odometer theme. It can’t really be counted as data viz, but this sort of creative visual makes a good substitution. However, as you continue to scroll, you see plenty of numbers that offer no attempt at visualization. It would be great to make scaled representations of each size truck, to see how much 14 additional feet of length and 950 cubic feet of interior space really adds to a moving truck.

In all, it’s easy to get through and makes good use of iconography, but a little more data visualization wouldn’t hurt. (The Americans standing under storage unit roofing is a cute visual, but ideally there would be a key showing, perhaps, 1 person icon = 10 million Americans, then including 31 person icons under the roof.) I also wonder if the intro paragraph is a bit misleading, because it seems to indicate it’s going to explain why Memorial Day weekend is popular. It instead explains how popular it is.

I’d give this a solid B overall–nice work!

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