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This IG was created for online gamblers who adore passion. There are all important moments about money slots. So, it is easy to understand how to start gambling for deposits. GetFreeSlots portal presents only demo versions. However, users may find reviews of real trusted clubs for starting their own gambling journey. If you adore it find some time to test it without any problems.

The “Las Vegas” vibe on this infographic makes sense for the topic. I also like the images under the “Types” header — they help people who aren’t familiar with different types of online slots associate an image with the description of play. The “Features of Slot Symbols” section accomplishes something similar. However, the first two sections (“Dispelling Online Slot Games Myths” and “Online Casino Slots”) are much too reliant on text. Viewers have to read to get any information from these sections; on an infographic they should be able to glean at least some information from the visuals instead. The space occupied by the illustrations of women could be better utilized by illustrations that speak to the text.

Additionally, there isn’t a real title, intro, or conclusion to help guide the viewer through a narrative.

In all I’d give this infographic a D for the above reasons. Viewers need a bit more of a visual guide to process information, and an infographic should have a definitive beginning, middle, and end.

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