Infographic: Games Console Trade In Survey


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I like the color contrast in the header — the salmon on black is eye-catching and the integration of the photos of controllers makes sense here. There are also some interesting stats throughout, such as the amount of unused consoles in the UK and the trade-in values through different services. It’s also refreshing to see that even though this IG is produced by one of the services, they aren’t afraid to show that for some consoles, a different service offers a better trade-in value. That honesty could ultimately resonate with consumers!

However, this infographic could use a bit more interest in terms of design. The mostly off-white background is a bit predictable, and the fonts are pretty standard as well.

The bigger problem is the poor proofreading, which starts in the header. “Trade In” should be “Trade-In” (it’s correct in some places in the infographic body, though). “Games Console” is also problematic — that’s a regional term, but “game console” is also used in other spots. Throughout, spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors distract from the message. By the end, we have “Every your” instead of “Every year” and “Pintererst” instead of “Pinterest.” Since this infographic is meant to call attention to the company and its app, it reflects poorly on the brand.

In all I’d give this infographic a C, the numerous errors being the main problem. Don’t forget to proof your designs before rushing them out to the masses!

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