Infographic: Furnace Maintenance Tips to Keep You Warm This Winter


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This infographic was submitted to us by AAA Heating & Cooling, Inc.

This is a great guide to help people save money! It could really reassure a lot of people that maybe they don’t have to shell out all the money for a brand new furnace. The illustration of the inside of a furnace is helpful for those who might want to see the problem. Its clean design throughout makes it easy to navigate.

The icons just below could benefit from a tiny bit of text reduction. For example, the final point spans 12 lines but is only 2 sentences — this is typical of infographics and serves as a good reminder to avoid full sentences when possible. The first sentence is mostly a list, so it could be broken up into additional icons to reduce text.

The section “Grading Your Furnace’s Efficiency” is effective because of all the pie charts. The viewer can tell what passing efficiency is and choose whether or not to read the descriptions detailing how furnaces might receive each grade.

I love the brightness of the last section! It makes for a great conclusion, summarizing what you could enjoy if you do decide your furnace needs full replacement.

In all I’d give this an A-!

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