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This infographic comes to us from the folks at Blackburn College, who provided this short description:

“This is an infographic that highlights all activities teens aged 14-16 can do in the UK for around £5.”

This is a great concept for a graphic that teens can share with each other. It’s certainly hard to find cheap entertainment, so having one comprehensive list puts a variety of options right at their fingertips. All the illustrations are really cute, but the design stays simple. I like the inclusion of QR codes here, too–it just adds to the accessibility factor.

Due to the nature of this information, statistics aren’t present and probably wouldn’t fit in with what the graphic is trying to accomplish. This means that this isn’t really an infographic, but it is still a very useful tool for teens looking for inexpensive and enriching activities. Maybe some statistics could be thrown in about the most popular leisure activities for teens in the UK, or how many visitors come to the Blackburn Museum annually? A sprinkling of data viz wouldn’t be overbearing here and probably wouldn’t deter the target audience, but it shouldn’t be the focus of the graphic.

Because of this it’s difficult to give advice on how to improve this tool as an infographic. As far as design, it’s quite simple, which makes it easy to follow but perhaps a little bland. The cartoony aspect might not appeal to that particular age range–perhaps something a little more sleek/modern could be employed here?

As an infographic I’d have to give this a D- because there’s just no data here. As a tool for teens I’d give it a B, though–useful info!

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