Infographic: Fort Worth Fatal Car Crash & Road Traffic Statistics


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Zinda & Davis, PLLC submitted this infographic to us!

It gives a good overview of traffic fatalities in the Fort Worth area, and keeps text light so viewers can move through the design quickly. Some of the data viz could be improved a bit to tell a clearer story though!

For example, maybe the “65” in the section “Deaths” could actually be placed over the skull. Also, it’s counter-intuitive for the graphs to travel back in time, starting with 2011 at the left and moving right to 2001. These should be reversed, and could be more easily labeled with years instead of a color coding system. The graphs could be made large enough to fit ’01, ’02, ’03 etc underneath the bars without impacting space on the graphic, since there’s plenty of free space already. The placement of “Accident Count” doesn’t make sense because it implies that the x-axis is counting the accidents, when it’s in fact the y-axis. Careful details like this can really take a chart from confusing to helpful quickly!

Additionally, the design isn’t particularly eye-catching; it could use some more unique elements and a more carefully planned layout and flow to improve its appearance and readability.

In all I’d give this design a C; it works okay and conveys its message, but it could use a facelift and improved charts and graphs to bring it up.

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