Infographic: Fort Worth Drunk Driving Epidemic?


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Zinda & Davis, PLLC submitted this infographic to us.

The design shows several hard-hitting stats about drinking and driving in the Fort Worth area. For me, it’s a bit confusing to have the infographic lead with Fort Worth stats and then zoom out to the U.S. as a whole. Having the context of the prevalence of drunk driving across the nation seems like a great lead-in to the more specific problem of drunk driving in Fort Worth.

Perhaps a bit more of a narrative would help ease the transition; while the design does a great job of keeping text light, it isn’t as much a story as it is a collection of statistics. By forming a more deliberate storyline, the viewer is more inclined to engage with the material.

In all, I’d give this infographic a B-. If it develops a story with a quick intro and conclusion and a few transitions with in, it’ll be a lot more compelling!

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