Infographic: Find the Perfect Ornament to Decorate Your Family Tree


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This is a fun concept for a majority of shoppers. The flow chart styled in a Christmas tree shape keeps the holiday spirit going throughout the design, and the photos let viewers see exactly what choice they’ve wound up with.

The flow chart can be a bit problematic, though. If you choose that you’re celebrating a special occasion, all the options feed into relationship-related ornaments. If “A gift for someone” and the person is an adult, all the options are alcohol-themed — and the chart implies that all women only like wine and all men only like beer. Things like this can be a little touchy with some consumers, so always be mindful of what you’re insinuating when you offer options like this.

In all, the pictures are helpful and the concept is fun, and text is kept fairly short throughout, but I would love to see a little bit of hard data associated here too — how many people decorate trees? Where do ornaments rank on the list of most popular gifts? Fun stats like that can help draw the viewer in and provide a bit of context.

Also keep your end goal in mind when deciding on copy/concept, as this infographic comes off as a full sales piece, which decreases shareability overall. Keep branding minimal if you want social traction!

In all I’d give this a B — make sure you’re not alienating anyone with limited choices on your flow chart, and watch the amount of self-promotion to guarantee more engagement!

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