Infographic: Financial Abuse by An Enduring Attorney


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This infographic was submitted to us by Turner Freeman Lawyers.

The graphic is brief and to-the-point: facts about Australia’s aging population, how aging can impact decision-making skills, what an enduring attorney does, and how they should and should not manage finances and property. It uses a pretty good mix of illustrations and data visualization in addition to the text, but some of these illustrations could work a little harder.

For example, for “Give away or sell your possessions inappropriately” the icon is just a truck, which doesn’t really convey the idea of inappropriate management of property — perhaps it could be an illustration of someone sneakily handing off a lockbox to someone else?

There are a few typographical errors that should be addressed to clean up the infographic. For example, the word “dementia” doesn’t need to be capitalized, and there is some inconsistency in use of periods (such as in the final point of “A Financial Attorney Must Not”).

For those reasons I’d give this infographic a B-, with a reminder to proofread and make sure your visuals are working hard enough to supplement your text.

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