Infographic: Festive & Fun Holiday Facts


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This is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit! Fun to see some Christmas classics lined up at the start of the IG. There’s lots of holiday imagery throughout (love the little bird with the winter hat).

That said, it is a little busy with the amount of icons and gradient effects on so many callouts. It’s best to pick a basic color palette and stick with it, allowing unique illustrations, typography, and colors their own balanced chance to shine, instead of trying to pack too much in with icons atop busy backgrounds.

Additionally there is no visualization of the data here: viewers have to read the numerals to understand the values, when pie charts or other creative data viz could be used instead. It also looks like there are a few typos throughout: “American Adults” should be “American adults,” “2. Displaying lights” should be “2. Displaying Lights” since all the others are in title casing, and more.

It would also be great to see an intro and conclusion on the infographic so that when it’s shared, everyone can have a bit of context on what they’re going to see before the content and what to think about at the end.

In all I’d give this infographic a C, as data visualization should be employed to reduce reliance on copy, and it could use a more harmonious aesthetic. Happy holidays!

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