Infographic: Fed Up with Netflix? A Look at the DVD/Streaming Service Landscape


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The people at Ultimate Coupons submitted this “infographic.”

The vibe of this graphic is pretty funny. I really enjoyed going through the “how do you prefer to watch movies” quiz, and it’s cute that it seems to be on the back of the pictured couple’s couch. (Oops, “the alter of Apple” should be “the altar of Apple.” “The alter of Apple” would probably be Microsoft.)

Unfortunately, this isn’t really an infographic. The quiz is fun, and it does provide some information about different services in a sort of roundabout way, but the bottom half of this graphic is all text. There’s no visualization at all. It would’ve been very effective to make pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, etc. of each of the variables they looked at here. “Number of DVD Titles Compared,” “Number of Streaming Titles Compared,” “Stream Speed Compared,” etc. would have made the presentation of this data much more accessible. The descriptions of each service need to be pared down, too. IGs aren’t about reading.

Another pretty big problem with this graphic (pun fully intended) is its width. An infographic that is wider than about 1,000 pixels makes the viewer have to scroll horizontally, and this is more than twice that width. That’s an inconvenience–it’s impossible to see all the info in even one category at once that way. (It’s especially detrimental to the quiz.)

This is a great concept for an infographic, but it needs a good amount of tweaking to bump it from graphic to infographic. I’ll have to give it a D-.

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