Infographic: Evolution of the Terminator Franchise


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Presto sent us this infographic along with a brief description:

It’s been 30 years since blockbuster movie The Terminator. Check out our infographic for everything you ever wondered about this action movie classic.

This is a sensible topic to use photos for, to help remind viewers of what scenes took place in which Terminator movies. Including bold boxes to separate the text from the photos is smart, too. However, the overall effect ends up pretty busy — I would recommend that the movie photos also stick to a box format so that the eye doesn’t jump around as much.

Additionally, the design relies almost entirely on text to convey its message — and going with all-caps makes it hard to know what information is most important. It’s a bit less intuitive when used uniformly for all text (headers and body copy).

In all I’d give this infographic a C because it’s primarily the text that tells the story, and the overall aesthetic should be toned down a bit so that the viewer can concentrate on the information as well as the design.

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