Infographic: Erectile Dysfunction – What You Need to Know


This infographic was submitted to us by Erectile Doctor.

It features a very clean layout, clear section breaks, iconography, and a bit of data viz. There is a whole lot of information here, so it makes a very useful guide for anyone seeking to learn more about the subject.

For the most part, the infographic avoids going too heavy on the text. The explanatory text below “Careers Most Likely to Cause Sexual Health Problems” is the only somewhat problematic point — my eyes just sort of cruise over the text there. It goes to show that even 3-4 lines of text on an infographic can look like far too much.

In place of some of the icons, it would be great to see more data visualization: the 5 Facts on Erectile Dysfunction section contains 5 numbers, but none of them are quantified with graphs, charts, or other forms of data viz. The more that numbers can be expressed visually, the faster the reader will be able to comprehend the numbers. Since everything after the graph is only illustrated with icons and text, it’s a little bit dense to get through.

In all, I’d give this infographic a B. Lots of great information, but could cut down a bit on text in various places, and utilize more than just one graph to tell its story more quickly — attention span is an important thing to, well, pay attention to!

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