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This infographic was submitted by, who gave us this description:

“Reducing energy usage around the home will save you money and help the planet too.
Reducing energy has not got to be complicated or hard work. Here is a look at various
ways it can be achieved.

Room by room, the colourful and easy-to-read Infographic outlines more than twenty
ways in which homeowners can keep their energy costs down, while also doing their bit
for the environment.”

This is a pretty handy guide to show where you can save money and energy by fixing some common mistakes. It illustrates every energy-saving tip by showing the corresponding location in the house (which has a cute dollhouse aesthetic). Text is kept to a minimum, and the colors are bright and interesting. Tips are color-coded by room in the house for easy visual organization.

Because of the way this infographic is structured, the house is the central visual element. There’s nothing wrong with this really, except that it seems to be preventing the written data from becoming visual. A bunch of charts and graphs surrounding a colorful house might risk design overload, but there isn’t much in the way of visually representing the energy and savings. Lightbulbs indicate energy savings, but the actual amounts are just represented by numbers. I’d really like to see the percentages and dollar amounts shown in data viz.

As far as a letter grade, I’d give this infographic a B-. It’s doing a pretty good job of keeping the text down and is very visually engaging, but the numbers themselves remain just written numbers.

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