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This infographic was submitted to us by the folks at Misco. Here is what they had to say about their infographic upon submitting it to us:

Currently Misco has been working on an infographic demonstrating Education through the ages and the massive transaction between “old” times and the current, I think with technology exploding at the moment it creates quite an interesting contrast.

I really enjoy the illustrations on this infographic. A lot of the information here is very dense and there is a lot of text, so the illustrations break up the content nicely, as well as add a little something to each point. I especially love the medieval section – the dragon, while slain, is actually pretty cute!

The bad thing about this infographic is that it does not visualize data even though there are several opportunities to do so. Any of these statistics could be visualized: all percentages could be represented as pie charts, where fractions (such as 1 in 20) and quantitative data can be represented with icons. Although there is a lot of great information here, it feels a lot like a reading assignment. Remember the biggest rule of data visualization: if you can take out all of the text and it doesn’t make sense, then it is not a traditional infographic – it is more like a well-designed article.

Overall, I really like this piece – it is an interesting subject and it is well-illustrated, but it is just not an infographic. Overall, I have to give it a C+.

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