Infographic: Eco-Friendly Paint Disposal from Household to Industrial


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WasteXpress passed us this infographic!

It’s helpful to get a rundown of how the various types of paint materials differ, and there’s a lot of data visualization attempts made here. However, there are a few problems worth pointing out to help improve the infographic.

None of the stats really get a chance to shine, since they are mostly all given the same typography weight and amount of space. Also, in “Health Hazards of Paint” two stats have triangular bullets next to the numbers, but there’s no clear reason for those bullets. If its meant for emphasis, typography or some sort of break might have been a better way of calling attention to the stats — as it stands, it looks more like a mistake.

Additionally, the data viz would benefit from labels. We see that there are 150 paint chemicals linked to cancer, but then we have just 15 beakers. A key showing “[beaker] = 10 chemicals” would help clarify why that number of beakers is there without the viewer needing to count to find patterns, and the same goes for the 300 chemicals that are known toxins.

There are also a few proofing mistakes, like inconsistency in use of Oxford commas.

In all I’d give this infographic a C, as it could use more visual hierarchy and clarity — but it’s on the right track as far as working to communicate visually rather than verbally.

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