Infographic: E-Waste Saved from Landfills in 2012


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This infographic was submitted to us by Network Hardware Resale, who also provided this description:

This infographic by Network Hardware Resale (NHR) shows that about 3,932,745 lbs of e-waste is saved from landfills. This e-waste consist of all kinds of network equipment including routers, switches, servers, storage equipment etc.
All data is drawn from NHR’s sales database of full Year-2012. NHR is the leading re-seller of used Cisco network equipment and network equipment from other top brands such as Juniper, Dell Force10, IBM, Extreme etc. for more details visit Network Hardware Resale.

This infographic utilizes a simple color palette and clean design, offering just a couple of statistics so that the viewer can process the information quickly. The illustrations are cute and add some visual interest beyond just the circle graph. The design is not overwhelming and there are no text chunks, so it isn’t a big project for the viewer — they can gain all the information they need in about 20 seconds.

It would be interesting to see this as a series of infographics, or part of a larger graphic. In its extreme brevity, it almost seems more like a single section of an infographic than a standalone IG.

In all I’d give this infographic an A! It’s quick, concise, contains data viz and is visually engaging. It’s a little “safe” in overall design, but it avoids being boring.

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