Infographic: E-Wallet Payment Processing


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This infographic was submitted to us by Bankcard Brokers; it talks about what business owners should learn about payments via e-wallet.

The design starts strong with a clear visual description of how e-wallets operate. Next come some stats about who e-wallets might be right for. This section uses pretty good data viz, although you do have to be careful with the style of filling in asymmetrical/uneven shapes — it’s tough for the eye to read whether it’s filled 70% by volume or by height, for example, and can result in a misleading visual impression.

In the next section, for large numbers like “1 million users” and “220,000 retailers” typography often is the fastest, clearest choice to convey the numbers, so this is executed well. Quantagrams are fine in some instances, but without a scale (as in the “700,000 US stores” stat) they may not add much value.

In all the infographic uses a nice consistent palette and illustration style; it also has a pretty good balance of text to imagery. I’d give it a B with the caveat to be careful on what choices you make with data visualizations!

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